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This was made while making a journey from Beagle Point back to the bubble after completing the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. A T9 Miner/Hauler with 512T of mined Tritium aboard, with approx 20LY range, can reach Beagle Point from the mining site using the following Jumponium-assisted route; Route for commanders loading up with limpets from the DSSA Distant Worlds and heading to the mining site; For Beagle Point - historical reference, click here. .twitter-follow-button { Elite: Dangerous has 225 Achievements worth 3810 points. Go into Open and see if there is anyone planning a trip back to colonized space. When Universal Cartographics increased exploration payouts in late January 3301 and introduced the 1,000 LY plotter, Anacondas became more affordable and within weeks were the ship of choice for a lot of deep space travellers due to being able to push the maximum jump-threshold up to approximately 41 LYs - thus making the systems beyond the initial 35 LY max jump ranges reachable. The closest Tri2 hotspot to Beagle Point is at Iorant XW-J c22-0 (Planet 7). Elite: Dangerous – Traveling to the Anaconda Graveyard PlayStation VR: Great! Please note that the Beagle Point tourist beacon has nothing to do with how the system got its name or its historical background. A plugin for ED Market Connector and a simple Python program that allows Elite Dangerous explorer players to see their progress from one star system to another as a percentage. Elite: Dangerous Gameplay Explorer Reiseberichte Mission Beagle Point Envisitor [EoT] 1. if (d.getElementById(id)) return t; Beagle Point Pilgrimage Post by b00st3d » Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:49 am Departed from Colonia today (Thursday Feb 8th 2018) en route to beagle point. The DSS Beagle (stock Asp Explorer, pre-engineering era): OOC clarification on the naming of Beagle Point: The DSS Beagle was named in honour of Kamzel's pet Beagle (Jack), who passed away just prior to the Distant Suns Expedition. At the time, the system was known as Ceeckia ZQ-L c24-0, but Kamzel nicknamed it Beagle Point after his beloved beagle Jack, who had passed away a short time before. Beagle Point marks the end point of a galaxy-spanning expedition undertaken by Commander Kamzel in 3301. For Beagle Point - Deep Space Outpost deployment, click here. März 2020 1 Seite 1 von 2 2 Online Envisitor Staffelführer Erhaltene Likes 486 Beiträge 390 1. Navigate through the Abyss in a Sidewinder with 16.51 ly jump range 3. 39,349 cr. 6 mayo, 2019 6 mayo, 2019 Magnaram Beagle Point, Distant Worlds II, Noticias de la galaxia 02 de mayo de 3305 La expedición Distant Worlds II ha llegado a su … As stated above, Beagle Point is located at a stunning distance of 65,279 light-years away from Sol. Beagle Point, one of the most distant star systems currently surveyed at 65,279 LYs from Sol. t._e.push(f); Survive the journey to Beagle Point without AFMU, Heat Sink or Repairs 2. As a consequence Beagle Point's significance and historical background for being the furthest reachable star system no longer applied and it instead became more noted for being the final system of the first ever Galactic Crossing, during a short period when Asp Explorers reigned and no 1,000 LY route plotter was available to help chart a path to it, or to the stars beyond. / 65269.75 Galactic coordinates: Declination: -28° 9'46.890'', Habitable zone: Equatorial coordinates: EDSM - Elite Dangerous Star Map © 2015-2020 |, Carrier Name: DSSA Distant Worlds ‘Endeavour', Commission Date (date signed up to the DSSA): April 4th 3306, Construction Location: Kuo Terminal, Skeggiko O, Maiden Jump(s): BD-22 3573 for fueling (June 9th 3306). This system is located at: The system was named after Kamzel's 34 lightyear Asp Explorer, the DSS Beagle. The Elite Dangerous expedition which saw 13,000 players set out to cross the galaxy in a long trip has finally ended after six months. Travelling along the stars in search of fortune and fame and some amazing adventures Dabei werde ich einen Weg über Colonia und Sagittarius A nehmen, also: Maridal - Colonia - Sagittarius A - Beagle Point - Maridal Meine Routenplanung findet ihr hier Props to GitHub Issues tracker 2 ships passed through Beagle Point space in the last 24 hours. A spokesperson for The Fuel Rats named Mischief has announced that Jaques Station has received sufficient quantities of fuel to complete the proposed jump to Beagle Point. The background to Beagle Point's naming from the historical context can be found in the systems description, not the tourist beacon. Forum. In recognition of these events, Universal Cartographics officially renamed the system Beagle Point on the 26th of May 3302.In-Game Description. One year later, the system was chosen as the final destination of the first Distant Worlds expedition, resulting in an influx of over 500 pilots in April 3302. At the time, the system was known as Ceeckia ZQ-L c24-0, but Kamzel nicknamed it Beagle Point after his beloved beagle Jack, who had passed away a short time before. DSSA Distant Worlds 'Endeavour’ is one of two Distant Worlds Carriers, the other being the DSEV Distant Worlds 'Discovery'. https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/198085-Distant-Worlds-A-journey-beyond-the-Abyss, https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/209331-Distant-Worlds-Fleet-Roster, Beagle Point 1 (High metal content world), Beagle Point 3 (High metal content world, landable), Beagle Point 6 (Icy body, landable) (aka "Randle's Rest"), Beagle Point 7 (Icy body, landable) (aka "Maile's Landing"), Beagle Point 8 (Icy body, landable) (aka "Tara"), D-rated modules with Engineering mods that reduce their mass where applicable, Aside from the common hazards of exploration, there is an area of the galaxy you should, CMDR Kamzel unofficially named the system "Beagle Point" after his ship, an, Beagle Point featured as the main destination of the. Ceeckia ZQ-L c24-0 was officially renamed "Beagle Point" by Frontier Developments on May 26, 3302 to commemorate its importance to the exploration community. A series of Thargoid incursions into human-occupied Witch Head systems has alarmed the region’s colonists. Also within the system are three other community-named worlds; Randles Rest (P6) - named in memory of a deceased friend of CMDR Patrecleus of the Distant Worlds 3302 Expedition, Maile's Landing (P7) - named in memory of CMDR Tumor, who passed away during the same expedition, and Tara (P8) - CMDR Tumor's wife. t.ready = function(f) { Elite Dangerous is in ongoing development, with a number of free and premium game updates available to expand the It marked the end of the line for Cmdr 'Erimus' Kamzel's Distant Suns Expedition (the first recorded galactic crossing - culminating in mid-January 3301), and as such the system subsequently became a popular location to visit for other deep space travellers exploring the far galactic rim in the years that followed. Madman must have been hard jumping since the FC update hit from Colonia. Keep in mind that Beagle Point is not the farest system anymore,never had been... That's correct, it was only the farthest system that someone went to in January 3301 and it was named after his ships name and the system was then decided to be the end goal of the first great expedition and thus the system became legendary for explorers. The expedition took place on all platforms over a 5-month period (Jan. 13th 2019 - Jun. As a freelancer, you can weight into my work more than you can think, Why Beagle Point? の火力を持つ模様。しかし機動性の問題で敵と正対するのはコルベットの方がずっと上 -- 2017-04-08 (土) 09:11:52 Additional mining ops took place at Luna's Shadow, which added a further 5,000T of fuel needed to see the Distant Worlds, Tartarus, and Zero Dawn reach their destinations deep into the Abyss. System Beagle Point in Elite: Dangerous - Make the most profit from here! There are some Discord/forum As stated above, Beagle Point is located at a stunning distance of 65,279 light-years away from Sol. A role playing video series of Commander Adidane. DSSA Distant Worlds visited Salome's Reach on June 20th 3306, before jumping back to Beagle Point to begin its permanent DSSA deployment. Elite Dangerous is continually evolving, adding new features, narrative and in-game content with each new season. One of the aims of the expedition was to establish a galactic highway of jumponium-rich systems (source). The record time for getting to Sagittarius A* is 6 hours 35 minutes, in … js = d.createElement(s); Taggato beagle point, dedalo corp. Interstellar, Distant Worlds, elite dangerous, hai chan, kira mikamy, ritorno, vendita dati Nessun commento Distant Worlds: il mio arrivo a Beagle Point… Manage thelimited amount of materials carried for FSD Boosts to get from Lone t = window.twttr || {}; Beagle Point was the end point of the expedition undertaken by Commander Kamzel in 3301. Beagle Point (formerly designated Ceeckia ZQ-L c24-0) is a system in The Abyss. Elite: Dangerous - The Commander's Logs. The Beagle Point Expedition was created to give new and old members a taste of a deep space expedition, whilst sharing a organised trip out to Beagle Point. Over 65,000 lightyears away from Sol, it’s one of the most well-known destinations for any commander looking to earn their exploration stripes. … With The Right Games … I Made The Journey: Beagle Point and Oevasy SG-Y D0 Recent Comments botfodder on I get by with a little help from ich werde demnächst meine Reise zum Beagle Point beginnen. At least two carriers from Colonia arrived several days earlier, however the DSSA carriers arrival in the system is thought to be the first recorded galactic crossing by Carriers launched from the bubble, to Beagle Point, covering in access of 73,000 LYs in the process. Why Beagle Point? I'm almost to Beagle point myself, but I've been jumping with my Asp, 62 ly jump range, and made sure I did the whole trip myself. Breakdown: DSSA Distant Worlds was one of 11 Carriers on the Aphelion Expedition. View all the Achievements here Elite: Dangerous - David Braben Interview: Blurring the Line Between Console and PC Beagle Point was therefore the final system reachable for those kinds of ship ranges along the route taken by CMDR Kamzel, and thus the end point during the first galactic crossing expedition - which culminated in mid-January 3301. Multiple casualties have been reported, with pilots caught off-guard by the sudden increase in Thargoid ships. Due to. } 13th 2019) for the outbound trip to Beagle Point, 65,000ly from Sol. In addition, explorers back then were primarily flying Cobras and Asps, and 35 LY jump ranges were considered 'extreme range'. Unofficially nick-named 'Beagle Point' at the time by the exploration community after Kamzel's intrepid starship that first discovered it (DSS Beagle*), the system has subsequently become a point of interest that has been visited by many explorers conducting their own survey missions of the galactic outer rim regions. / -134.21875 }(document, "script", "twitter-wjs")); My mad ramblings about exploration while I was going for the Beagle point...oh man...kill me! Three days later they were joined by the Aphelion support vessel Mercy of Angel. R: 65,279.352 / l: 0.976 / b: -0.118 Anaconda - 1 Krait Phantom - 1, In-service Date (date the vessel began its DSSA service): June 21st 3306. 5580 ships passed through Beagle Point space, including 20 ships in the last 7 days. During the journey, the Aphelion fleet stopped at the Explorer's Anchorage where large-scale mining ops were undertaken - with around 50,000T of Tritium extracted to fuel the Carriers for the rest of their journeys. return t; Follow @EDSM_NET Endeavour travelled with the Aphelion Fleet in June 3306, and reached Beagle Point on June 18th 3306 with a synchronised jump-in with the support vessel, Zero Dawn. Visit the Information Index for more info. In recognition of these events, Universal Cartographics officially renamed the system Beagle Point on the 26th of May 3302. On the 16 th June we all meet back up at the nest and continue our journey home to Colonia with some already making that journey ahead of the expedition and in a weeks’ time on the 19 th June, we would have been travelling for 150 days. Astrophotography by CMDR JohnyStarwalker, A short video montage of the deployment, journey, and arrival: Link. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0], Beagle Point is in itself a system containing all jumponium materials (a "green" system): These systems were surveyed by the Rock Rats during the Distant Worlds Expedition of 3302. This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Erimus Kamzel. Beagle Point is of early exploration historical importance as it was one of the furthest systems an explorer could reach prior to the Jumponium (fuel boost synthesis) and Engineer era. März 2020 #21 Gratulation. Right ascension: 17h 48m 22.957s / Did you knew that you can support me on Patreon? ゲーム:Elite:Dangerousの日本語解説Wikiです。 燃料タンクが小さく遠くへ行くには向かない。機動性能は最高峰の軽戦闘機。パワープラントの性能が少し低いので、まずパワープラントをアップグレードするのがいいと思う。 I was able to land at Beagle Point, greet the weary travelers and wish them well. The beacon was added much later and is a reference to another commanders dog that passed away (a Beagle called Zylo). Post by StaticRadion » Wed May 25, 2016 10:18 pm I still like the idea of docking an EXPLO fitted ASP at Jaque Station, leaving the station and self destructing, leaving the station again, and then once more using self destruct once it goes missing or ends up at Beagle Point to see of you get instantly teleported to it. every single donation is time for me to do more awesome work for the community! The early history of Beagle Point has been documented on the Galactic Mapping Project thread. Frontier were kind enough to put a beacon there as a memorial. Latest BPE Blog After the excellent meet up at Beagle point the fleet split with some going down route 33 and the others taking the long way around. The record time for getting to Sagittarius A* is 6 hours 35 minutes, in a ship fully optimized and engineered for neutron jumping. It is one of the most remote discovered star systems in the Milky Way galaxy, at a distance of 65,279 Light Years from Sol, and reaching it requires a ship with a minimum jump range of 34LY.

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